Skitta Merink

Directed by Joe Hendrick.
Produced by Michel Rangel.
Starring: Bill Oberst Jr., Catherine Ann Hayes, Natalie Kline, Obiageliaku Anusionwu, Ana Corbi. 
Available on Amazon Prime 
After secluding in his decaying home for most of his adult life, the day has finally come for Harold to take a chance on life; once again. Starring Bill Oberst, Jr., Skitta Merink is the dream-like story of Harold, an eccentric loner; the mysterious women who care for him, and the lady who finally breaks his isolation.



Directed by Jennette McCurdy.
Produced by Michel Rangel.
Starring: David Barton Harris, Tony Cavalero, Chris Ellis, Holly Kaplan, Carrie Lazar.

Written and Directed by Jennette McCurdy, "Kenny" is a dramedy about a 30something burnout who sacrifices his own dreams to take care of his dying mother.
Kenny premiered online through Short of the Week Film Festival, and had its' US premiere at the Florida Film Festival 2018 where it was in competition. 



Directed by Esther Caporale.
Produced by Michel Rangel.
Starring: Esther Caporale, Jacob Parrish. 

Jenny Shaw witnesses an event taking place outside her window and is convinced that a crime is taking place. She calls 911, but gets a strong dose of reality when she realizes how wrong her assumption was. Story developed around events captured by real surveillance video.


Lord Bateman

In Development.

A kind man of European royal lineage struggles against dark visions of himself as a depraved demon, eventually coming to believe that he is that creature.

Los Angeles, CA

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